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A Wintery Greeting From Connors Lake Labradors (Hidden Springs Farms)

1/26/2017 2:30pm

Welcome to Connors Lake Labs

Hi Everyone!

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and your New Year has started out great.  We are well into Winter here in Minnesota.  We've experienced temps from -35 to almost 40 degrees so far.  Let me tell you, you really can't tell the difference between -12 and -35.  It is simply COLD!  But, honestly, because we have such a dry cold, it felt colder in Tennessee when it was 20 degrees compared to -35 here.  

   Since the weather is so cold, we've had the chance to try some ice fishing.  Haven't caught anything yet, but its been a fun experience.  We are going with a guide on the 18th of Feb so I'm sure I'll have some fun pictures to add to Facebook.  We took the pups one day.  I'm wrapped up like an eskimo, but they are perfectly fine with their winter coats. 

Ice Fishing

     Wintery Weather does make for some interesting driving conditions.  I'm doing pretty good getting my snow-legs.  And my 4-runner does wonderful on the snow covered roads.  Ken though, had an exciting experience as he was driving to Chicago a few weeks ago. He wasn't too far from home when he hit some ice and his truck decided to go off the road.  Ken is fine and we are still waiting for the insurance company to figure out what they want to do.  The truck is driving just fine and Ken said he was probably only going about 20 mph.  When he hit the snow bank, the truck slowing went on its side.  EXCITING for sure.  So, glad it wasn't me...

Ken's Truck

     One of the fun things we are doing this winter is putting some corn out for the deer.  With the harsh winter weather, it is a nice treat for them.  Plus, we get a ton of deer visiting us.  Sorry for the quality of the picture, my i-phone likes the screen better then the deer.  But here are a few of the girls that visit:

Nightly Visitors    Received a wonderful package from my Uncle Bill this month.  What do you think of my hand carved and hand painted Loon?  Uncle Bill has been carving birds for several years and I commissioned him to do this Loon for me.  I love seeing the Loons on the lake and having one in the house is even better.  Now I have a Duck, Red Tail Hawk and my Loon.  If you'd like to have a bird done for you, let me know and I will hook you up with my Uncle.


     Cold weather means doing more inside.  I finally have my first book available on Amazon for your Kindle.  Farm School: Designing and Teaching Classes and Workshops for Fun and Profit is the title.  Basically I took all of my experience from teaching class and workshops on our farm in Tennessee and wrote the book so other small farmers can do the same.  I wrote the book a couple of years ago but never go around to publishing it.  It will be available in a soft copy, but still working though that.  If you'd like to take a peek or order one, just click on the picture.  (Cover stars our Grandson Tyler!)

Farm School

  I'm spending this coming weekend at a Minnesota state sponsored event for ladies.  Its called "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" (BOW).  Its a weekend event filled with classes to learn about outdoor activities.  I'm taking Intro to Cross-Country Skiing, Intro to Snow Shoeing, and Dark House Fishing (Spear fishing in the ice)   I'm looking forward to it and will let you know how I do.  I'm especially excited about the Dark House Fishing.  You use fish decoys to bring the fish in.  In the old days, folks would hand carve them.  Ken and I have been working on doing our own carved fish decoys.  He's is MUCH further along them mind.  Pretty cool:

FIsh Decoy

Well, that's all of my update for now.  I hope you are all having a great winter!  I'll be back soon


Karen    (615) 210-7525

Merry Christmas from Hidden Springs Farms, now Connors Lake Labs

12/1/2016 8:39am

Welcome to Connors Lake Labradors

Hi Everyone!

    Its been a little while since I've sent out a newsletter again.  Sorry about that.  I just never seem to find the time to sit down and do it.  We are still loving being in Minnesota.  The wildlife is amazing.  I drove Ken to the airport early one morning and stopped counting after seeing 34 deer.  At least they stayed on the side of the road and didn't jump out in front of me.  We see Bald Eagles regularly.  Simply breathtaking birds to see.   

   Winter is trying to make its way here.  Much later then normal but we did have a very nice snow storm a couple of weeks ago.  18-24 inches of snow.  I had a ball!  I did use muscles I didn't think I had doing the snow shoveling and even learned to use the snow blower.  It was a workout!  Ken decided we needed something a little more powerful to replace the snowblower so we are picking up a UTV with a snowplow on the front this weekend.  That will make moving all of the snow much quicker.

 A couple things I learned:  First, folks in Minnesota freak out at the mention of snow just like Tennessee folks do.  Seriously!  Second, When you get 2 feet of snow, you must shovel a place for your doggies to poop.  And finally, 2 feet of snow can melt every quickly when the temps rise just a little.  Yep, barely any snow left at all right now.  More coming, but my winter wonderland is gone for now.  

We've add a new member to the family up here.  Chloe is our new house cat.  What a sweetie she is.  She has settled in nicely as you can tell.  She loves to snuggle, climb the Christmas tree, and steal anything she can find to bat around the wood floors.  She has not met the dogs yet.  I think it is safer if she doesn't.  Jumper would for sure be in super chase mode.  

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It was just Ken and I this year.  We did have a nice meal and enjoyed the day.  I can't believe that Christmas is coming so quickly.  I got the house decorated.  It was amazing how many decorations I have.  But it looks nice.  I even made a wreath out of pine from our property.   It does smell fabulous! 

If you follow me Facebook, you know that since being here I have been a sewing crazy lady.  I guess since I never had time while we had the farm, that I am making up for it.  If you are looking for any Christmas gifts, please take a minute to view my Etsy site to see my many creations.  My store is called Possum Hollow Mercantile (PossowHollowMerc in Etsy since I'm limited on characters)  

I have aprons, ragged dolls, hand stitched animals, bunnies, owls...well. take a peek. 

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Enjoy your time with Family and Friends.  

Best wish and do have a Merry Christmas!


Ken & Karen    (615) 210-7525

Burrrr, its getting cold! An Update from Hidden Springs Farms, now Connors Lake Labradors

10/5/2016 9:34pm

Welcome to Connors Lake Labradors

Hi Everyone!
 Its been a little while since I've sent out a newsletter so I thought I'd better get it done!  I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the time of year.  It is really, really fall up here in Bigfork.  I cut grass this past Sunday and got all of the leaves raked but if you looked right now, you'd never guess.  The leaves are really falling and the temps are dropping.  I believe the low tonight will be in the 30"s and tomorrow the high will be 50!  (Sorry my Tennessee are probably still dealing with humidity!)  

  Ken was home a few weeks ago and we had a great time!  We took a short drive up to Ely, MN and visited the National Bear Center and the International Wolf center.  The bear center was fabulous.  Lots and lots of information and we got to see 3 black bears.  Here is a picture of Teddy.  He is an older bear and moves a little slower but he was a BIG BOY!  The bears in the wild are starting to hibernate so it is doubtful that we will see anymore until spring.  We did see a nice black bear about a mile from our house.  It was very cool!

Teddy Bear

So....the International Wolf center was a huge disappointment.  They advertise they have wolves and wolf pups and we saw exactly "none".  Call me crazy, but I wanted to see a wolf in person.  I figured after visiting the center that if I can't see a wolf when they are in a fenced enclosure, the chances of seeing one in the wild are very slim.  Maybe that is a good thing.  

   We also took the dogs to "Scenic State Park" which is about 7 miles from our house.  They have lots of hiking trails and it is very beautiful.  The first week we lived in our new home, there was a very nasty thunderstorm that went through.  Lots of damage to the trees which I didn't realize until we went to the park.  It is amazing what high winds can do.  High Five to the rangers that work at the park for getting the trails clear enough so we could take a nice long hike.  Winnie and Jumper were pooped pups! 

Scenic State

    We also did some fishing.....of course.  I think we were on the lake just about everyday.  We are going on a Muskie fishing trip in a couple of weeks.  For those of you that don't know, Muskie are BIG FISH but also difficult to catch.  With any luck, I'll include a picture of me with my huge fish in the next newsletter :>)  

    If you've looked at our website recently, you've noticed some changes.  We are now "Connors Lake Labradors".  While I won't have puppies until next fall, we are starting the transition to the new business.  First, new logo.  Hope you like it!  I am also working on dog shampoo, pet spray and a dry dog shampoo.  You know, I have to work it all out before I have it for sale, but winters are long here so I have plenty of time!  I'll also be switching the website over to the new name but for now you can still find us at

   I'm also doing a lot of sewing.  This is something that I've not had the time to do in a long time.  Plus, I have a super cool craft/sewing room.  Ladies, it is sooooooooooo nice to be able to set up a project and not have to clear it off the dinning room table so you can eat.  Here are a couple little creations I've completed.  I'll be setting up a store on Etsy soon and will let you know where to find me.  

   We also had the rest of our stuff delivered from Nashville. It was crazy.  First the driver called me on Monday at 10:30 am and said "are you ready to receive your stuff".....hum, sure but thanks for the heads up!  Then I waited all day for them to show up.  I called the driver and no answer.  At 6:00 pm, I was imagining all of my stuff scattered all over the road some where.  I finally got a call about 7:00 pm and they said they deliver the next day.  Apparently the state troopers stopped them at a weigh station and their log wasn't in order so they shut them down for 24 hours.  Why the driver didn't bother to call me back....I have no clue.  So, they showed up the next afternoon and proceeded to get their truck stuck in the yard.  Yep, sunk down all the way to the fenders.  They had to call a tow truck to pull them out.  Can anyone explain to me what happens to the dirt when you sink?  I'll have to find dirt to fill the HUGE hole in the yard.  So, I've been unpacking and unpacking and unpacking.  I didn't remember a lot of the stuff we had.  But things are coming along and my guest room will be ready to accept visitors soon! 

   I guess that is about it for now.  It is absolutely breathtaking here.  And I see new stuff all of the time.  We have Trumpeter Swans on the lake now.  And I was fishing one day and a deer came into the lake and swam right by me.  I see Bald Eagles, Ducks, Deer, Bears; it is awesome. Its an adventure for sure.


Best wishes!    (615) 210-7525

We're in Minnesota!

8/10/2016 7:34pm

Welcome to Minnesota

Hi My Friends!

I thought I'd better send out an update since our move!  What am adventure!  We left Tennessee the end of June.  Ken headed to Chicago with a trailer hauling our household stuff and I went to Maryland with the two dogs to stay with my sister, Amy.  Amy was nice enough to provide me a bed to sleep in and a place for Jumper & Winnie.  I have to say, the doggies did great on their 12-hour drive.  Of course, Jumper was on Prosac and Winnie is simply great in the car.  We took several breaks for them to walk, stretch their legs, and get some water and snacks.  I'm thinking of helping the dogs write a book to review all of the boarding facilities they have stayed in since we left Tennessee.  They have stayed in: Kentucky, Maryland, Illinois, Wisconsin, just to name a few. Some places were far better then others.  What do you think?  A Dog's Review of Boarding Facilities on the Eastern U.S.    

    I flew from Maryland to Chicago the beginning of July and Ken and I drove to Minnesota to look at properties.  And, we found a wonderful place in Bigfork, MN; population 465.  The house is on a private lake (Connors Lake) and is prefect for Ken and I.  The dogs are settling in nicely and I've been busy painting, getting new carpet put in, and working on getting ceramic tile put in the kitchen and laundry room.  You know there is always something you want to do to make a house your home.


    One of the very nice perks of living up here is the weather!  Sorry my southern friends, but this is NICE right now.  Today the high was 68 degrees and I've only turned on the AC in the house twice.  I know you will all be laughing at me in January, but I say "you can always put more layers on to get warm but you simply can't take enough off to enjoy the southern heat and humidity."  

    Ken and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in July.  And, Ken bought us Kayaks to use on the lake.  I'm been putting some miles on mine and having a great time fishing in the evenings.  I'm not a very experienced fisherwoman, but I've landed a few nice Large Mouth Bass.  What a thrill!  (and I do operate under the "catch and release" method)

Large Mouth Bass 

   Winnie and Jumper, after being moved around for a month, are Lov'in their new home.  They are labs, so you can only imagine how much they LOVE the lake. Jumper just dives right in.  Winnie takes a more lady-like approach.  But it is fun to watch them try to catch fish, frogs, and whatever they think they see.


    Bigfork is about 40 miles north of Grand Rapids on State Highway 38 which is considered one of the most scenic byways in the state. Yep, we're pretty close to Canada!  I've never seen so many deer when I am driving in my life.  In fact, the other night, there was one in the front yard.....stealing the bird seed that I put out for the wild birds.  When I stepped outside to get a closer look, she didn't even run away.  I also get to hear the Loons on the lake every morning and every evening.  There is something about their call that I really love. I've been told that when it gets colder, I will hear Wolves howling.  Yep, Wolves.  I told the gentleman that was telling me about the wolves that I was ok hearing them, I just didn't want them showing up in my front yard.  He told me they never see them.  Since he's lived up here for over 40 years, I'll take his word for it.  

   I do have to plan my time a bit better.  Bigfork does have a grocery store, hardware store, and gas station, but if you want to get some serious shopping done, you have to go to Grand Rapids.  I doing that trip once a week right now.  Usually heading to Home Depot or a tile store, or the farmer's market.  You sure don't want to forget anything because its a long, although very pretty, drive.  

    Ken is back in the Chicago area finishing up a project and I'm the lucky one who gets to stay here.  I've started looking for a job that I can do from home.  Overall, life is very good!  


    (615) 210-7525

Good Bye From Hidden Springs Farms

6/28/2016 10:46pm

Welcome to Hidden Springs Farms

Hi Everyone!

 This will be the final newsletter from Hidden Springs Farms.  As most of you know, we've decided to sell the farm and move north.  Well, the farm has sold and we are closing on Friday and heading to cooler temperatures.  Once we are settled and I figure out what I'm doing, I'll send out an update so you know where we land.  

   Its been a busy couple of months.  We did our auction on May 21st and oh my, what a mess.  It was by far the worse auction I've ever been too....and unfortunately, it was our stuff that was being auctioned.  Poorly organized, poorly advertised, and the "crew" they kept telling me would be working the event ended up being mainly Ken and I.  We showed cattle, loaded all of the livestock and a lot of the equipment and other things.  We did sell every thing, EXCEPT the farm.  The high bidder didn't have the money.  So, then I found myself with no equipment to maintain the farm, but still had the farm.  Talk about stressed out!   The good news is that we don't have to move much!  

   I listed the farm with Ed Cope and he had a buyer in less then 2 weeks.  YEAH!  A nice family will be taking over the farm and I think their kids will love it.  I've been busy, busy, busy packing up our personal stuff and we'll be loading it all into the trailer this weekend.  I'll say moving does get to be a tad stressful but things seem to be rolling right along.


   Ken and I spend last week in Minnesota looking at properties, fishing, and hiking.  The hottest day was only 81 degrees and we went on a 6 mile hike.  Can you say "no humidity!"  Most days were in the mid-70's and overnight in the low 50's.  I'll be honest, I was not excited about getting off the plane in Nashville on Saturday.  

We spent most of our time in the Grand Rapids area.  The day we arrived, we go in early so we were driving around and decided to go to the Forest History Center.  It was so cool.  They have a logging camp that looks like it would have back in the late 1800's and folks in period clothes that tell you the history of logging.  I loved it.  We went into log cabins, saw how they cooked for all of the loggers, and even got to see some draft horses (that's how they got the logs out of the woods and down to the river)  Plus, we went up in a 100 ft fire tower.  


We did two nice hikes in this state park.  Really beautiful with tons of beautiful trees.  We saw deer both times.  

This waterfall was in the park; it was the reward for a long hike.  How beautiful is this?  We also did some fishing while we were there.  After working the farm for so long, both of us seem to wake up at 5 or 6 am.  But the folks in Minnesota, don't get started that early.  So, we'd get up, have breakfast and then go down to the river and fish.  

Here's a Northern Pike.  (sorry, the picture didn't want to rotate!)  I caught the first one but since Ken didn't see it, he said it was an unverified catch.  HA  We did go out with a fishing guide to try to catch a Muskie.  I've never fished so many hours in my life.  They call the Muskie the 10,000 cast fish.  In other words, you have to make 10,000 cast before you catch one.  I believe it!  We fished all morning.  Took a break and then fished until 10:00 pm.  We saw 17 of those HUGE fish but couldn't get them to bite.  I was amazed at the size.  Even though we didn't get one in the boat, it was absolutely fabulous.  Our guide was a great kid.  If you ever get up to the Grand Rapids, MN area, look up Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods and ask for Grant.   I did get a Small Mouth Bass (team effort since I am not the best fisherwoman!)  Nice fighting fish for sure.

  We thought we had found a house, but couldn't reach an agreement with the seller.  I'll be heading back up there so we can look again.  I know we will find something......I don't want to be homeless!  My sister is letting me move in with her until we find something.  She's the bomb taking in her older sister with TWO dogs.  

    We have really enjoyed our farm, learned a great deal and met so many wonderful people.  I can't even begin to mention everyone that holds a special place in our hearts.  I do want to thank a few folks that have contributed to Hidden Springs Farms success:

Logan Bethel Vet Services in Russellville:  I can NOT say enough about Dr. Woodall and the new addition to the clinic Dr Sam.  We didn't grow up on farms so having such a great partnership with people that know their stuff was great for us.  Dr. Woodall takes the time to explain, education, and always make you laugh.  He is a great man. 

Dean Oil and Gas:  These folks kept the tractor rolling with our agricultural fuel.  Clyde and the team are wonderful people. Heck, these guys even pump my gas when I go to fill up my SUV.  That's service!

Dorris Milling:  Houston and his folks have kept our livestock fed.  All of the livestock...chickens, horses, sheep, goats, cattle, turkey's, even those nasty pigs I had.  I looked forward to going every week just to say hi and have a good conversation with Art, Houston, and the lovely ladies.  

Co-Op:  I can't even think where we'd be with out Co-Op's equipment.  We purchased all of the cattle handling equipment from them.  Rusty Bennett is top notch.  He is NOT just a salesman.  He made a point to stop by and see how things were going when ever he could.  

S & S Enterprise:  Barb and her husband processed 1000's of chickens and Turkeys for me over the years. Super nice people who treated every bird with respect and caring. I enjoyed just sitting and talking with Barb.  Always had fun at their place.  

Robertson County Farmer's Market:  Three cheers for the farmers who are their every Saturday providing locally grown and raised produce, meats, and more.  Springfield and Robertson County is so lucky to have a market where you actually speak to the person who produced it.  I learned a lot from all of them and so enjoyed our friendships.  

and finally, YOU!  Everyone of you that reads this newsletter has contributed to our success. I hope you've enjoyed what we've offered and watching us change and grow over time.  I promise to keep in touch.  We are looking at this move as a new chapter in our lives.  We are excited to have the opportunity to do some different things, see new places, and take life at a slower pace. (yeah, I know, farming looks like a slower pace but trust me, it is NOT)  We are also very concerned about our Country and the direction it is going.  Our rights are being stripped slowly away, we are so divided, and their is simply no incentive to be successful anymore.  I'm not saying that  we don't want to be successful....I'm saying that success doesn't have to come in the form of money that our government wants to take. We can live comfortably with less so their is less to give to a wasteful, ever-growing monster of a government.  So many of the beliefs, morals, and way of life that we remember is gone.   I haven't traditionally mentioned anything political in my newsletters and I don't want to preach now.  Just answering the question "why would you move up North?".  We are going to escape and get as far away from this crazy world has our little cabin in the woods where no one can find us.

Stay in Touch!


The Staff of Hidden Springs Farms.     (615) 210-7525

A Busy Month At Hidden Springs Farms

5/3/2016 11:17am

Welcome to Hidden Springs Farms

So, it seems like we got those April showers everyone talks about and now all of the weeds....oops, I mean Flowers, are pooping up in the pastures.  I hope you all are doing well.  I just got back from a trip to Wisconsin.  Ken and I were looking at properties up there trying to find our next place.  What a beautiful state!  We had a great time with our realtor, Teresa.  She is a hoot!  While we didn't find the prefect place for us, we did get to see a great deal of the central and northern part of the state.  Remember, I said I wanted a cabin in the woods where no one could find me.....I think we did indeed look at a couple exactly like that.  One was as high as you can get into Wisconsin without living in the middle of Lake Superior.  I thought it was AWESOME until Teresa mentioned we'd likely see deer (ok), turkey (ok), bears, (hum, ok) and Wolves  (hummmmm, no thanks!)  Call me crazy, but I'm not so sure I'd like to run into a wolf while walking my dogs along the trails.  I think we'll find a place a little closer to central Wisconsin.  Ken and I were both sick the last two days of my visit and I got to spend almost 12 hours in the Chicago airport waiting to get home.  Why do they just cancel a fully booked flight?  I could have driven home faster!!!

The auction date is set for May 21st.  I still have quite a bit of stuff to get done to prepare for it, but things are moving right along.  Brochures are out, signage is up, and excitement is building!  I do have mixed emotions.  Very, Very excited about our move and new chapter, but I'll also leave a piece of my heart on our farm that we have loved and enjoyed having.  I'm sure you understand.  

I had a bit of fun before I went to Wisconsin.  A good friend of mine was out of town visiting her family and some of her Nubian goats decided to have their babies while she was away and then didn't want to raise them.  I was luckily enough to get to bring two of the little ones over to my house and played Goat-Sitter for a couple of days with two little bottle goats.  I got my goat fix and had a great time although I did forget how much work bottle babies are.  You just tend to overlook the work because they are so darn cute! Jumper and Winnie thought it was great too.  Winnie is the mothering type and Jumper just thought they were fun to chase.  

Jumper and Winnie were extra excited to see me when I picked them up from Logan County Animal Clinic where they were boarded.  I think Jumper would have sat in my lap all the way home.  He doesn't understand that he isn't a lap dog.  They were so excited to be back in the woods taking their run!


  I had the opportunity to take my Dancing Cow Creamery products to the Country Living Fair in Nashville before my trip as well.  WOW, it was an awesome fair.  Vendors from all over the United States were there and I can't even guess how many people came.  It was 3 jam-packed days of selling.  I met people from all over and really enjoyed myself.  They will be back next year so if you didn't go this year, make sure to attend next year! 

Mother's Day is coming up fast.....don't forget!


Have a great month!

The Staff of Hidden Springs Farms    (615) 210-7525

Big News from Hidden Springs Farms

4/1/2016 9:49pm

Welcome to Hidden Springs Farms

Happy Spring Everyone!

   Before my big announcement, I wanted to tell you about a recent trip I took to Minnesota to visit my hubby who was working up there.  Beautiful state, friendly people, and we had the chance to see some very cool places.  A special thanks to my neighbor, Jonathan, for keeping an eye out on the farm and to Logan County Animal Clinic for keeping my two labs happy and well cared for.  I haven't left the farm for a very long time! 

   If you get the chance, check out Stattuck-St Mary's School.  Ken was building a girl's dorm up there.  I feel in love with the campus.  Maybe it was because it reminded me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter or maybe it was the beautiful buildings.  I was very impressed.  I had the opportunity to take a private tour of the school with Amy Grant who works in admissions and she gave me a great deal of information about the history of the school.  It was awesome.

  We also went to Wabasha, remember, from the movie Grumpy Old Men.  We ate at Slippery's Bar and visit the National Eagle Center.  I love Bald Eagles and was able to get up close and personal with the few they have there.  The Eagle there have been rehabbed but because of their special needs are not able to be released into the wild again.  Very cool place.  We also spent the day in New Ulm, MN which was settled by the Germans.  Since both Ken and I have German heritage and LOVE German food, it was a fun place to visit.  (Oh BTW, the food was AWESOME!)  

Overall, a very fun, relaxing trip.  I'll admit I do not like to fly.  Never have.....there is something about putting my life in the hands of a pilot I've never met and traveling so high up in the air where I have no control.  I make it through with tomato juice, a good book, and a prayer.  

And now.......

     After farming here for almost 11 years, Ken and I have decided to sell our farm and move North either to Minnesota or Wisconsin.  I know you are all thinking....IT GETS REALLY COLD UP THERE....and you are right, it does. I, personally, love the cold weather.  It's been something we talked about for some time and feel that this is the time to do it.  We've loved our farm and spend a lot of  energy getting everything just right. I've learned sooooooo much and have had many great experiences here.   But it is time for us to enter into a new chapter of our lives that involves a slower pace, more freedom to travel, and some new adventures!  I'm planning on learning to ice fish and explore the hiking trails and new places where ever we land.  For years, whenever I've had an especially stressful time, I've told Ken "I'm moving to a remote cabin in the middle of the woods where no one can find me"......looks like that's what we are going to do. Well, maybe not super remote; a girl needs least this girl.  

   We will be hosting an auction in the next 40 days or so (as soon as we can get it together) to sell the farm, equipment, livestock, etc.  I'll be sure to share with you when the date will be once it is finalized.  Selling a farm and all of the "stuff" you acquire  is not easy task.  We felt this was the best option for us.  If you're in the market for farm related stuff, I probably have it.  

   So, are you shocked? I know it is pretty big news.  I hope you'll continue to read the newsletter.  I plan to continue with it to share our new adventures with everyone.  We have been very fortunate to meet so many wonderful people in Springfield and other areas through out farm.  

   Thanks for reading!  Thanks for your Support!


The Staff of Hidden Springs Farms    (615) 210-7525

Happy Winter from Hidden Springs Farms

1/26/2016 10:31am

Welcome to Hidden Springs Farms

Happy Winter!  Yes, winter finally arrived here at Hidden Springs Farms.  After having 70 degree weather at Christmas time, Mother Nature gave us a wintery wonderland this past weekend.  First came the ice, followed by snow and BOY-OH-BOY did we get snow.  I'd estimate around 8-9 inches and the snow drifts were even higher.  They say its the most snow we've gotten since 2003.  While I know it is a pain in the tush for those that have to drive to work, I love to see the snow.  It is so calming and relaxing to me.  Here are a couple pictures from around the farm.  You can see that the ice really was tough on the trees, but it looks beautiful.

winter 2016

Winter 2016

Jumper and Winnie LOVED the snow.  It was funny on the first morning when I went over to the barn to let them out of their kennels.  Usually the first thing they do is go running out of the barn to chase the ducks or barn cats.  This time, the took off running until they got to the door and stopped very quickly.  Snow is a new thing to both of them, or at least this much snow.  It didn't take them long to say "this stuff is COOL!" 

Snow Dogs

The cows and sheep are doing well.  They are so well insulated that the snow stays on their backs like it does on the roof of the house and barns.  And, as long as they have hay and water, they don't mind being in the weather.  We still have 4 girls that need to calf and quite honestly, I'm glad they have waited until after the snow.  I know it is possible for cows to deliver in terrible weather, but I feel better knowing that the little ones won't get too chilled.  Besides, I'm really not ready to raise any bottle calves right now.  

   I have a very fun day the beginning of the month.  I spent the day doing a ride-along with my Vet, Dr. Woodall from Logan Bethel Veterinary Clinic in Russellville, KY.  Dr. Woodall has been my vet for years (and years).  Since I am not working a corporate job right now, I thought it would be both fun and educational to ride with him and see what the day in a life of large animal vet is like.  I met Dr. Woodall at 6:30 am at a large dairy near Adairville, Ky and then visited 7 dairy farms with him.  Basically doing pregnancy checks but also other things such as sick calves, a cow with a dislocated hip, and castrating bull calves.  What a great day for me!  

New Clinic

Milk Jugs

Dancer, my Jersey, will be calving in May.  She is getting to the end of her current lactation, but after she delivers, I'll be up to eyeballs in Milk.  Just curious if any of my readers would be interested in a Cow Share program this summer and fall.  For those that don't know, a Cow share program makes it legal for folks that want to drink raw milk to do so legally in the State of Tennessee.  Raw milk (non-pasturized) is illegal to sell in Tennessee but through a Cow Share program, participates buy an interest in a dairy cow.  Then pay a monthly fee to the farmer to care for and milk the cow.  In exchange for this service, you get a gallon of raw milk per week.  We can also make arrangements to get butter and/or cheese.  I have worked out all of the details at this time but let me know if you are interested.  I want to be sure there is interest before moving forward.  

Not a lot of other things happening on the farm.  We are fencing a back pasture when the weather cooperates and doing the normal farm chores every morning and night.  Bullford, our bull, will be put in with the ladies this month and I'm sure he'll be VERY excited.  With that move, we'll be moving a couple young heifers and a young bull out of the "romance" pasture and putting them in with the two young Jersey steers. 

I hope that everyone stays warm.  It won't be too much longer before Spring is heading your way.  


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